Fire Fighting System

Our school is equipped with high tech Fire Safety systems with No Objection Certificate from Delhi Fire Service, Govt of NCT, Delhi.

Its main features are :
(a) Underground fire water tank of capacity of 1 Lakh litres which is fully filled at all times.
(b) Overhead static water tank of 10,000 litres.
(c) Down comer system with landing valve on each floor.
(d) Hose reel at each floor connected to overhead tank with adequate boosting arrangements.
(e) Total 45 fire extinguishers are installed, of types :- CO2 and ABC Dry Powder
(f) The bore well submersible pump supplies direct to the 1 Lakh litres fire tank. The overflow from this tank fills the raw tater underground tank. The pumps starts and stops automatically through a level controller which senses the water level in the raw water tank.
(g) A submersible pump takes suction from underground raw water tank and supplies water under pressure to the three interconnected overhead tanks. The overflow from this is led to the two connected raw water tanks. From here raw water is supplied internally to the toilets, urinals of the two academic blocks and external requirements of watering. The level in the tank is again maintained automatically through a flow controller, i.e. pump starts and stops depending on the water level in the overhead raw water tanks.
(h) There is a terrace fire pump (capacity 900 LPM) which takes suction from the overhead fire tanks and supplies to the fire water main. In the basement are three pumps : a smaller jockey pump (180 LPM), a motor driven fire pump and a diesel engine driven fire pump (both of 2280 LPM capacity). The fire main pressure is maintained at 6 Kg / cm 2 g and all fire hydrants and the sprinkler system in the basement and multipurpose hall are supplied water from the fire main. The basement pumps take suction from the 1 Lakh litres underground tank. All pumps are programmed to sequentially start automatically on falling pressure in the event of a fire or any drop in main line pressure.