Bal Sansad [ Child Cabinet]

Sl. No.NameClassPosition
Harsha PXII BPrime Minister
1.Pallavi P BaijuXII CMinister of Education
2.Akshaya DevadasXII AMinister of Health
3.Swati GautamX BMinister of Environment, Forests & Climate Change
4.Sephenya ThomaskuttyX AMinister of Transport
5.Smrithi S NairIX BMinister of Women and Child Development
6.Sidharth S UdayanIX AMinister of Food
7.Archa PradeepVIII BMinister of Information and Broadcasting
8.Shreya SVIII AMinister of Youth Affairs and Sports
9.Sidhant JuyalVII BMinister of jal Shakthi
10.Manasa SageshVII AMinister of Science and Technology
11.Aryan VVI BMinister of Social Justice and Law
12.Madhvi SharmaVI AMinister of Culture

Kerala School R K Puram