Parent Teacher Association 2018 - 2020

S. No Name Designation
1 Meera S. Nair
2 Dr. Anish N.P.
(Scientist, Dept of Science & Technology, Min. of Sc & Tech)
Vice Chairman
3 Sujatha A. P.
(PGT - English)
Vice Chairperson
4 Jayachandran Menoth
(Asst. S.O., Dept. of Empowerment of PwD)
5 Anil G kumar
(Technical Manager, Durabuild Care)
Joint Secretary
6 Ramya R Nair
(Asst. Teacher)
Joint Secretary
7 Sheeba Kunhu
(PGT - Commerce)
8 Mohanachandran Pillai
(Insurance Consultant)
Parent Member
9 Mahesh S Pillai
(Founder & Consultant for Green Solutions at Opacuz
Parent Member
10 Ratna Praksh K.
(Consultant at L&T)
Parent Member
11 Prasad K
(Export Documentation Executive at Kanika Exports)
Parent Member
12 Sudha Anil
(Placement Officer at Chandigarh University)
Parent Member
13 N Meenakshi Nair
TGT - Natural Science
Teacher Member
14 Satbeer Sharma
(TGT - Hindi)
Teacher Member
15 Seema R.
(PGT - Political Science)
Teacher Member
16 Gopika S Pillai
(Asst Teacher)
Teacher Member